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Sarah Campbell
Sarah CampbellIntrigue Designs
Lees verder
"Thursd is a burst of inspiration, and a gift to the flower industry."
Natalia Zhizhko
Natalia ZhizhkoTridvornova art bureau
Lees verder
“Thursd Projects connects flower designers and flower producers and just ordinary viewers so that everyone has the opportunity to be inspired by new trends, ideas, finds, and achievements... As a florist designer, I always welcome collaborations and communities.”
Helena van Achterberg
Helena van AchterbergMarginpar
Lees verder
"Unique in its kind. Thursd is innovative, and a source of knowledge and inspiration for many."
Jenny Thomasson
Jenny ThomassonJenny T Floristry
Lees verder
"An amazing resource for connections to our own creativity but also to the floral community worldwide. A nice mix of cheeky, insightful, passionate, inspirational and positive messages. Thank you Thursd! Every time when I receive the newsletter I’m just overjoyed. And I’m so thankful to be a blogger and being featured. I just LOVE what you have done with that site and always grateful to help when I can.
Thursd rocks!"
Anna Canales
Anna CanalesThistle & Bloom
Lees verder
‘’I love Thursd because it keeps me informed on trends in the floral industry across the world. It inspires me to think outside of what is popular in my region and country, which helps me grow as an artist. I love that it includes articles about various parts of the industry. I also love that it is searchable. It is a great resource for when I have something specific in mind, as well as when I am just in the mood to browse.’’
Sahid Nahim
Sahid NahimAbove All Flowers & New Bloom Solutions
Lees verder
"Thursd is one of the leaders in the floral industry when it comes to blogs, news, community, and branding. The team at Thursd has a vision that is innovative, sustainable, and beneficial to all stakeholders, including its viewers and customers. The value that Thursd brings to the floral industry is unmeasurable, and their openness to collaboration and support of others is commendable."
Ven Lam
Ven LamAceae Design Studio
Lees verder
‘’Because Thursd has a large network of designers, whether from Asia, Europe or America, it allows flower masters from all over the world to have a stage and reach the audience at every corner of the world. Thursd also introduces us to different varieties of flowers, and covers everything we want in the floral industry."
Monica de la Torre
Monica de la TorreDümmen Orange
Lees verder
‘’Thursd for me, is an eye opener, a source of information, a window to the world of flowers. Thursd is a great place to see what’s happening all over the world. It’s a connection to new ideas, interesting people, talented designers.’’
Roy van Kester
Roy van KesterDümmen Orange
Lees verder
‘’Thursd is an international floral platform with valuable contemporary content to inspire people who loves flowers and plants. In addition, this floral platform has a strong focus on digital innovation.’’
Daphne Hoogeveen
Daphne HoogeveenFloritec
Lees verder
‘’Thursd is a great platform to create and to share nice and relevant content with the industry. It helps us to reach our target audience and Thursd provides good content creation that we can use on our own channels. Working with the editor is very pleasant!’’
Tomas De Bruyne
Tomas De BruyneEuropean Master Certification
Lees verder
‘’Thursd is not some online sales-platform, it’s informative, global, innovative and holds so much information and connections in our floral industry, and most importantly, it’s nice for the eye: it’s just a must-follow!’’
Yunus Karma
Yunus KarmaYunus Karma Flowers
Lees verder
‘’Thursd is new to us! But we are so greatful to get to know it! It connects us florists all over the world. It makes us realise that everybody in our industry has to cope with similar problems! But it’s also so nice to see how vibrant our industry is and how resilient we all are! Thursd gives us new energy! ’’

Frequently asked questions

What is Thursd?

Thursd is an online platform with consumer-driven floriculture content for a worldwide audience. Showing your content on Thursd means reaching floral enthusiasts all over the planet, and enabling everyone to discover you and your products and services. Thursd shows your audience the way to you.

How can I join Thursd?

On Thursd you can have your business profile page, that is linked to all relevant companies, products, and professionals. You can also apply for a blogger position, and when there’s a fit, you can even become a content partner, and profit from Thursd’s team of industry professionals to help you reach your marketing goals.

How can I be featured on Thursd?

Thursd welcomes contributions and is always open to collaborations. You can apply for a presence on the Thursd website by sending an email (with texts and images) to [email protected]. Know that Thursd’s editors are free to decide whether they publish your input yes or no. Our editors always check and optimize texts for SEO and other reasons where they fit necessary.

Who is watching Thursd?

Everyone is watching Thursd. Besides flower industry insiders like breeders, growers, traders, essentials, and florists, Thursd is watched by flower & plant enthusiasts from all over the globe. Besides the website audiences, Thursd has a large newsletter subscriber database and a huge social following on all the major social platforms.

We want to become more visible online, how do we start?
Can I also be completely unburdened? We do not have a marketing team of our own!

Short answer: yes! Thursd’s team of industry (freelance) professionals helps businesses & organizations in floriculture to create and implement marketing strategies that work. Hands on, they combine strategy, design, and online to increase the value and impact of your brand. 

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